You need to know about our SQMS (Service Quality Management Systems) mobile software solution.


Managing operational service and quality issues in your rail industry business?

Raspberry Software’s SQMS product can help to manage most service and quality issues arising at work. Using our App on a mobile device, your Inspector can alert specific staff to check, clean, maintain or repair, deploying them to the exact asset they have identified.

SQMS enables busy rail companies to conduct site/asset surveys, rectify faults and manage other reported operational issues quickly and efficiently, often before they are spotted by your passengers.

How does it work? 

SQMS software is used on a smartphone or tablet. It’s versatile and easy-to-use. SQMS can be pre-loaded with questions relevant to specific assets on your trains or in your stations (for example “Are the toilets clean?”, “Is graffiti visible?” and “Is the ticket machine working?”). Depending on the answers, your Inspector selects via the App an option which automatically triggers follow up actions, such as emailing for the deployment of staff. Photos and other contextual notes can be added to the management reports too, so your rail business has helpful evidence of action taken.

Tyne & Wear Metro and Arriva Rail North use our SQMS software to conduct operational surveys of every station across its network, checking and reporting all faults such as graffiti, vandalism or assets in disrepair. 

Some rail companies want software solutions that respond directly to the requirements of your customers; for you we have Ground Up products. Tailored to Fit means a product we adapt to fulfil a specific function in your business. Ask us how our innovative mobile software products can help to keep your rail industry business running smoothly. Get in touch now, for expert guidance on all your options.

Who uses SQMS already?

What else can TIPS offer?

Merseyrail used our additional Car Parking Module to help them manage their car parks and Revenue Protection more efficiently. Our App allows you to enter the car details including its registration, and if a car parking penalty notice remains unpaid, you can perform an electronic DVLA lookup to retrieve details of the driver and chase that debt.

Ashley Judge
Revenue Protection Compliance Manager

“The Raspberry Teams TIPS system gave us the confidence to make the switch over from a paper based system to a “live” digital system. From the initial meeting, where they presented the product and explained how the Application and Software worked as well as how this could be implemented and used – they were impressive and they have gone on to provide great service, a very effective product and outstanding product support.

TIPS has allowed us to increase productivity. Our customers can access online payment immediately and in the Backoffice we are able to deal with queries, appeals and customer service issues in a live environment. It has given Revenue Inspectors the ability to check details quickly and deal with serial offenders effectively.
At Transpennine we have seen the number of UPFNs issued increase as well as a marked increase in those that are settled. TIPS has streamlined the debt recovery process for us and is assisting in driving down ticketless travel on our network.”


Siobhan Bradshaw

Southeastern General Manager Revenue, Crime and Enforcement

“Working with the Raspberry Team to bring in a whole new working process was a smooth and easy transition. The Raspberry guys fully understood the requirements of the end users and helped us develop ways to get the best out of the Application and the users every step of the way. No problem was too big or too small and everything was dealt with in a systematic manner that ensured the understanding of everyone involved. 

 The electronic Penalty Fares system has completely changed the way in which we operate our revenue protection strategy. It is faster, more efficient and offers persons receiving a Penalty Fare quick and easy ways to pay or appeal without unnecessary red tape and complex routes to finalisation.
This in turn allows us to be more effective and efficient, ultimately save money whilst ensuring that we have a seamless end to end process for both users and passengers.” 


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