The solution is Raspberry Software’s TIPS product (Ticket Inspection and Prosecution System). 


How to improve Revenue Protection in your rail industry business?

TIPS is rail industry specific software, operated via a smartphone or tablet. It’s easy-to-use, fully automated software that works in real-time while on the move, even on busy trains and station platforms.

a) Are they a repeat offender? 

TIPS will check previous history and that the person in front of you is who they say they are. If you do have a repeat offender TIPS allows you to issue the PFN notice quickly, by using some of these details to populate the PFN/Prosecution.

b) Is that a real address? 

TIPS will look up Post Office address data.

c) Who lives at that address? 

TIPS will refer to the Electoral Roll and other related sources to verify the named person corresponds with that address.

This means the entire process can be automated at the touch of a button, including the processing of payment receipts, reminders or prosecution proceedings letters.

A readymade “back office” administration solution 

TIPS software provides a readymade “back office” administration solution for managing your rail company’s Penalty Fare Notices (PFN’s) and prosecutions. Whilst competitors’ products will require your Inspectors to make a phone call back to a central location to verify important data about the passenger, TIPS will enable your Inspector to be completely autonomous. This is because the TIPs “Look up” function provides three main data verification sources:

It speeds up the entire administration process, saving staff lots of time and dramatically reducing “spoilt notices” where the revenue cannot be collected. TIPS software instantly verifies a passenger’s address and PFN history, making it much harder to defraud or provide incorrect data.

Over time, using Raspberry Software products alters rail passengers’ perceptions about the risks of being caught boarding your trains without the correct ticket. This leads to behaviour changes, which further increases revenue.

Why do our rail company customers love TIPS software?

Raspberry Software is also responsible for Deutsche Bahn’s award-winning Service Quality App.

Did you know?

What else can TIPS offer?

Merseyrail used our additional Car Parking Module to help them manage their car parks and Revenue Protection more efficiently. Our App allows you to enter the car details including its registration, and if a car parking penalty notice remains unpaid, you can perform an electronic DVLA lookup to retrieve details of the driver and chase that debt.

“Working with the Raspberry Team to bring in a whole new working process was a smooth and easy transition. The Raspberry guys fully understood the requirements of the end users and helped us develop ways to get the best out of the Application and the users every step of the way…"


“The Raspberry Teams TIPS system gave us the confidence to make the switch over from a paper based system to a “live” digital system. From the initial meeting, where they presented the product and explained how the Application and Software worked as well as how this could be implemented and used…"



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